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Christmas in Brazil

The Christmas celebration in Latin America can be diversified by its number of countries and their inherited cultures. When it comes to Brazil, Christmas is celebrated by 90% of its population because of the roman Catholics as majority masses. Unlike cold Europe, Brazil welcomes the Christmas with the sunny clear sky and lovely weather, but bit hotter in few parts especially the North and East.

In Brazil, Christmas seems to be the perfect occasion for all family members to come back home and celebrate it together. We start decorating our houses in the end of November. Depending on the size of our homes, we decorate it with an artificial Christmas tree along with a portrait of the sacred family hanging on the door. Whereas the reindeer’s and Leprechaun‘s figures can be seen in public places like malls and squares.

The joyous atmosphere keeps people busy many days before the Christmas, but stops when having dinner on Christmas Eve followed by the unwrapping of the presents. It is also the day for tremendous precooking preparations. Even though turkey is the most common main dish, you can find seafood or fillet dishes as well.


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