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Christmas in Chile

The summer just started when Christmas is being celebrated in Chile. Hence it’s a pleasantly warm public holiday and almost everybody will celebrate it. We call Santa Claus “Viejito Pascuero”, which can be translated to little old Christmas man. Decoration is mostly inside and in a very US-American style including a Christmas tree and crib.

We open our presents after the family dinner on the 24th. Some might do it on the 25th when celebrating with the extended family. That can be done for example with a barbeque, where also friends are invited.

A common Christmas dinner will consist of meat like turkey, beef pork or chicken. We also have a special Christmas bread, called Pan de Pascua, but I actually don’t like it that much. I think many people feel the same because we only have it for Christmas and nobody remembers for the rest of the year… 😀 Furthermore there is the traditional drink Cola de mono.


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